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Programming Industrial Strength Windows

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Appendix A: TextEdit Command Index

Command Description Location Accelerator
New Window Creates a new window (with a new document) File Menu Ctrl+Shift+N
New Creates a new document. File Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+N
Open... Displays the Open File dialog File Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+O
Save Saves current document Invisible Ctrl+S
Properties... Displays File Properties dialog box File Menu Alt+Enter
Move/Rename... Displays Move/Rename File Menu
Make Copy Creates a copy of the document being edited, then starts editing the copy File Menu
Delete Deletes the file and closes TextEdit File Menu
Delete... Displays the Delete File dialog box File Menu
Abandon Changes Reverts to start-of-editing-session version of document File Menu
Page Setup... Displays the Page Setup dialog box File Menu
Print... Opens the print dialog box File Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+P
Close Saves current document, if necessary, and exits the program File Menu Alt+F4
MRU file list Opens the selected recently used file. File Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+F6 for file #2
Undo Reverses the last editing action. Edit Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+Z
Redo Redoes the last undone action. Edit Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+Y
Cut Moves selection to clipboard Edit Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+X, Shift+Del
Copy Copies selection to clipboard Edit Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ins
Paste Pastes clipboard contents into the text at the current caret position, replacing selected text, if any Edit Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins
Delete Deletes selected text, if any, otherwise deletes character to the right of caret, if any Edit Menu, Toolbar Del
Select All Selects all text in document Edit Menu Ctrl+A
Find... Opens the Find dialog box Search Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+F
Find Next Finds next occurrence of a string Search Menu F3
Find Previous Finds previous occurrence of a string Search Menu Shift+F3
Find Selection Finds next occurrence of selected text, if any, otherwise next occurrence of current word Search Menu Ctrl+F3
Find previous occurrence of selection Finds previous occurrence of selected text, if any, otherwise previous occurrence of current word Invisible Ctrl+Shift+F3
Replace... Opens the Replace dialog box Search Menu Ctrl+H
Tool Bar Shows or hides the tool bar View Menu
Status Bar Shows or hides the status bar View Menu
Word Wrap Toggles word wrap on or off View Menu, Toolbar Ctrl+W
Fixed Font Sets fixed font View Menu, Toolbar
Proportional Font Sets proportional font View Menu, Toolbar
Toggle Font Switches between fixed and proportional font. Invisible Ctrl+Alt+F
Change Font Lets you change the typeface of the current (i.e., fixed or proportional) font Invisible Ctrl+Shift+F, or double-click either font button in tool bar
Options... Opens the Options dialog box, which lets you change fonts, language and whether to show the Delete dialog next time you delete a file View Menu
Contents Shows help contents Help Menu F1
Keyboard Shows keyboard command list Help Menu
Web Home Page Opens the TextEdit Web site ( in your browser Help Menu
About TextEdit... Displays the About dialog box Help Menu
Toggle Read Only Toggles the read-only attribute of the current file Toolbar Alt+R

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